St Hubertus Farms

Saint Hubertus Farms & Resort
Fayette, Iowa

St. Hubertus Farms & Purple Heart Warriors Outdoors

St. Hubertus Farms is a proud participant in the Purple Heart Warriors Outdoors organization. The Purple Heart Warriors Outdoors of Fayette County, Iowa is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to giving appreciation, recognition, and support to service members from the United States Special Operations Command community (Green Berets, Marine Raiders, Army Rangers, Navy Seals). This is achieved by organizing and providing exclusive, first-rate outdoor events and opportunities for these extraordinary heroes at various locations throughout the United States.

Saint Hubertus Farms and our surrounding neighbor participants, provide weeklong hunting excursions to these service members during deer, turkey, and pheasant hunting seasons. Volunteer participants such as St. Hubertus Farms provide food & lodging, and open their land for service members to hunt. Visit Purple Heart Warriors Outdoors for more information.

Winter 2023 Bow Deer Hunt

Spring 2023 Turkey Hunt

Spring 2022 Turkey Hunt

Winter 2022 Deer Hunt